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Termite Control Singapore

Termite infestation can do unseen damage and you won’t even know it, until it’s too late.

The most common types of termites found in Singapore are drywood termites which are more inclined to be found in wood fixtures and subterranean termites which come up from the soil and thrive in damp environment.

Termites, otherwise known as white ants, flying ants or winged termites, are  dangerous insects. You don’t need to know much about termite infestation to know the damage they cause to your home. They use their sharp mouths to tear apart cellulose-based plant materials; in other words the wood around your home.

Termites are also communal insects that create colonies quickly, making termite control difficult. Each colony is made up of workers, soldiers and reproductive termites that amass to 1,000,000 termites per colony. Unseen and Destructible as they are, if not detected or left untreated you will be looking at costly repairs and replacements. With only these few facts, it’s not hard to see why these are the most feared insects you would not want in your home.


What are Signs of Termite Infestation?

termite tracksTermites are hard to spot but there are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • Occasionally, termites known as ‘swarmers’ will fly in groups. They won’t stay long and are often mistaken for flying ants.
  • Since Termites eat the inside of wooden structures, the wood become hollow. To test this, tap against the wood and listen if it sounds hollowed out.
  • Termites leave ‘mud tubes’ on the exterior of houses; walls, beams, small entrances.
  • Unlike flying ants, swarmers shed their wings. You will find small discarded wings in entrance ways.
  • Termite droppings look like wooden pellets.
  • Blistered paint covering wooden structures.
  • Hollowed out tracks along anything wooden.


Why You Should Worry About Termites!

While the majority of homes in Singapore are built with concrete, internal fixtures such as doors, furniture, shelving, wardrobes and cupboards are often made out of wood… which is FUEL FOR TERMITES!

And once they start get eating through, they begin their trail of destruction. And if left unchecked or untreated this can be costly in termite treatments and replacing the damage fixture.


Engaging Professional Termite Pest Control Services.

To eradicate the colony of termites completely, you must kill the queen to destroy the habitat. Buying off the shelf DIY anti termite treatment products lack the potency to do just that swiftly but, instead may even force them to move deeper, making the colony unreachable and bringing all the investigations and preparations to naught. 

It would be in your best interest; contact a pest control company specialising in Termite Infestation Treatment to eradicate the colony safely and effectively before they do any more damage.


Enquire about our Termite Eradication Treatment Services.

We get rid of termites in their destructive tracks.

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