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Snake Control Singapore

What Do We Know About Snakes?

In concrete jungle Singapore, you’ll hardly see a snake slithering on the open concrete pavement.

But if you do see one slithering or in a freeze posture in the open ground, it’s best you do not approach it and keep a good distance from it. Although most snakes found in Singapore are non-venomous except for a few, but to the untrained eyes, you may not know the difference.

And besides, even non-venomous snakes will bite when provoked or disturbed.

If the snake is not captured with a professional’s skills, it could slither inside gutters, pipes and other small areas. Worst if it was in your home.


What Brings Snakes Out Into The Open?

In Singapore, urbanization is common and ongoing. It destroys snakes’ natural habitats, and forces them out to the open to seek shelter. Occasionally, homes built near vegetation with open door ways offer that shelter. Urbanization also has the side-effect of killing animals that prey on snakes, increasing the snake population.

The weather too has some part with snakes’ movement. Snakes hibernate during cooler months so are likely to be found during the hotter months. Flooding of parts of lowland too drive it out into the open.


What To Do when You See A Snake?

Do not approach the snake, or attack it. You do get cobras in Singapore that are venomous and aggressive, they will attack when approached and could kill. Even if the snake is not a poisonous breed, such as the reticulated python could still attack and cause injury.

If the snake is not already inside of your home, close windows and doors to prevent this and call a pest control service. Do not allow children or animals near the snake and call an ambulance if anyone is bitten.

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 Why Use Snake Control Services?

Pest control agencies that possess the skills to handle snakes safely have the confidence do it safely. Without a doubt, they will also be able to identify the snake type they are dealing with.


Enquire About  Our Snake Control Services

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