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Rodent Control Singapore

Control of rodents particularly rats and mice in Singapore is plainly impossible to eradicate because they are intuitive, invasive and difficult to catch but they have the ability to reproduce fast within short intervals. You will find them anywhere across the island that has access to food. From houses to housing estates to coffeeshops to hawker centres. They are a common sight but, not want that you would like.

Over at Pest Control Singapore, we offer competitive rodent control services to safely remove rodents from the premise without putting you through the physical or financial pain. Give us a call; let us help you.


Signs Of Rodent Infestation

Chance sightings of a mischief of rats or mice in broad daylight are seldom. However they do leave physical evidence of their presence in rodent droppings or burrows.

If the infestation is in your house, you will also hear them rummaging through the pantry in search for food. Neither is it a problem for them to bore through your cupboard doors with their sharp incisors.

You on the other hand, won’t be able to catch them single handed because they fast and can dart across for cover to escape capture. And if they are not caught and left to breed, the infestation will grow into an established colony which will pose greater physical harm and serious health issue to the occupants. Rodents’ excretions and dead rodent pose serious diseases which cannot be ignored.


Health Risks of Rodents

Apart from their excretion and dead rodents, rodents also carry diseases you can’t detect just by looking at them. One of these is the Hantavirus (HPS) which is deadly to humans. Symptoms of this are as follows:

  • Fever
  • Muscle ache
  • Dizziness
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Suffocating feeling, as your lungs fill with fluid

Hantavirus isn’t the only way for a rodent to make people within the home or workplace sick. If a rodent bites you it may cause rat-bite fever which can also be fatal. Another form of the illness causes ulcers at the bite wound, swelling and swollen lymph nodes, along with previous symptoms.

So never corner a rodent unprotected or with your bare hands, because it will fight to do whatever it takes to survive but you will run the risk of getting bitten and being infected.

Rodents pose serious health implications and should be taken care with urgency as soon as possible, especially if there are young children in the household, or it is a workplace environment.


Engaging a Rodent Pest Control Company

Realising the severity of a rodent infestation, you should know you have a problem that won’t go away peacefully on its own; but needs to be solved immediately –  and not by untrained person or off the shelf methods.

Getting rid of rodents effectively and safely will need some planning. Pest Control Singapore will be able to provide the necessary rodent pest control services.


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