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Pest Control Services Singapore

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Pest Control Services in Singapore

At Pest Control Singapore, we aim to provide the best possible outcome in pest control treatments to pest extermination services against common home pest. Our range of services are comprehensive, effective and affordable.

Our Pest Control Services

We understand the urgency and the need to get rid of pest on your premise.

And while we go about getting rid of pest, we will ensure the least inconvenience to your family. For a complete list of pest management services, please scroll down.


Apart from visible tell-tale signs, our technician will need to double check to confirm termite activity and the severity of the infestation, before deciding on a suitable method of treatment. Rest assure our methods are non-disruptive and environmentally friendly.


Bed bugs infestation, if severe can be difficult to get rid of. Our team of pest control technicians will first need to assess the extent of the infestation. We will carry out a physical assessment to locate where the pest are hiding. Confirming a bed bug infestation is important for the exterminators to proceed further with treatment.


Appearances of rodent in daytime scurrying are becoming common, which indicates that rodent infestation is on the rise in Singapore. We are well-trained and experienced in detecting rat activity in burrows, targeting rat colonies and eliminating them swiftly without danger to your family.


We cannot understate the importance of leaving the removal of bee hive to the professional pest exterminators. We are trained and have the proper protective clothing to carry out its removal. Removing bees is not to disturb them from their habitat but we will induce chemical sprays to destroy it. And after all the bees are dead, we will remove the bee nest from your premise safely and cleanly.


Not sure how to get rid of cockroaches before it turns into an infestation? Cockroach control can be tricky if you intend to have a go on your own. Our technicians are in the best position to plan the most effective method of treatment to eliminate their numbers drastically.


Fumigation is a treatment using gas to exterminate pest that are not possible to reach by conventional methods. The gas will penetrate into the wood structure. And unlike fogging, fumigation is safer and leaves no residue (traces of oily film) which makes it a better choice than the former.


Flies in large numbers are problematic. And if their numbers are allowed to grow, it could turn into a infestation and they will create health issues. Our technicians have the expertise to pin point its breeding sites and eradicate your fly problem fast.


To get rid of mosquitoes, would require a two prong approach, requiring removing the source of breeding and introducing chemical products. Our treatment plan begins with a property inspection and identify the type of mosquitoes breeding on your premise.


It’s rare to encounter a snake in the open, in urban Singapore. But when one does show up, onlookers are somewhat intrigue but have no idea what to do next. First, give the snake a wide berth but also keep an eye where it goes. We are quick responders to your call. And have the expertise to remove the snake safely.


Getting rid of an ant’s nest is not a easy task. It requires knowledge of the species of ant and its habits. Pest Control Singapore ensures that the ant infestation is cleared and does not recur. Our course of  treatment is subtle and non-disruptive to the ants yet it is precise at eliminating the nest and its colony.


  • Hornet Nest Removal

Identification of the insect is the most important to make first, Next is to look for the next. Only then can we control the activities and exterminate the colony of hornets safely and away from people and animals. And dispose of the hive all together.


Our priority is eliminating the real danger of getting stung. We will assess the close proximity of the nest to people near to it and plan our extermination and the safe removal of the nest.



Why Use Our Pest Control Services

Pest Control Singapore provides professional and reliable pest control. Our 5 step Integrated Pest Management ensures appropriate solutions to your pest needs. Out staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in dealing vast varieties of pest. Our staff are also on hand to provide advice to keep your premise pest-free. At pest Control Singapore, we are the people who care.


Enquire About Our Pest Control Services

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