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Mosquito Singapore

Mosquito Disease And Its Spread

Dengue and recently Zika too, are strains of viruses that are transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. And Singapore is constantly trying to bring it under control and minimize its’ effects. Mosquito borne diseases will remain a highly significant problem for all. Which homes in the importance of mosquito vector control. And the role pest control companies play in mosquito prevention and its control.

Apart from this fact, mosquitoes are an annoying pest that bite and cause itching. Reducing the amount of mosquitoes in and around your home and workplace is important for the health and safety of everyone.

Mosquitoes strive in damp places and lay their eggs in water no more than the size of a 20 cent coin; which makes mosquito control difficult. And the problem starts with a mosquito larvae – very often oblivious to the eyes.



Determine the Presence of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are stealthy, small, flying creatures that are hard to spot for the unobservant eye. But there are a few ways to identify if you have a Mosquito problem.

  • You or others in the vicinity have swollen, itchy bites.
  • Female mosquitoes buzz.
  • Worm-like larvae in pools of stagnant water.
  • Pupae called tumblers in water. They are called tumblers because of the way they move in water.
  • After bites, you may experience flu like symptoms. Such as: body aches, headache, fever, joint pain, rashes and easily bruised skin. 



Complication of Mosquito Bites

Warning: If you experience flu like symptoms it could be Dengue Fever, which causes the body to bleed more easily. There is no cure for this virus and it can escalate to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or Dengue Shock Syndrome which can kill; especially young children and the elderly. Dengue is spread with Mosquito bites, not from person to person. Mosquitoes also spread the Zika virus, which presents with similar symptoms and can last for up to a week.



Breeding Mosquitoes Will Bring A Fine

Mosquito infestation breeds more than just bad news. But more urgently, it means you have a problem that is beyond your capabilities to manage and run the real risk of people in the vicinity coming down with Dengue or Zika.

And it’s only a matter of time before the NEA officers come calling at your premise. And if mosquitoes are found breeding on your premise, a hefty fine could very well be imposed on you.



DIY Mosquito Control and Prevention

You cannot get rid of mosquitoes entirely, no matter what method you use. But to reduce mosquitoes you need to be vigilant and remove any water where the mosquitoes might breed. Don’t forget about water in flower vases, toilettes, roof gutters, fallen leaves, canopies, puddles and pots.

Some chemicals are designed to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and sheltering in vegetation, and can be placed in various places. You will also need to manage the plants around the home to ensure the mosquitoes don’t have a convenient place to live.

DIY methods are always hit and miss when it comes to pests. A professional will know the best products and all the places you won’t think to look, to successfully eradicate the problem.



Why Engage a Professional Pest Management Service?

A professional service has the kind of experience managing pests that you don’t. Since they have seen infestations many times before, they can get to the route of the problem with ease. A professional service for pest management also has a reliable track record. They can advise and steer you in the right direction, to keep mosquitoes from breeding inside of the home – even looking for potential breeding grounds that might arise after floods.


Enquire About Our Mosquito Control Service

If you are seeing an increase in mosquito activity on your premise, don’t discount it or take it lightly. You could be breeding mosquitoes on your land, which is not good. Please call us at (+65) 6591 8890. We will get of it fast and effectively.

The National Environment Agency (NEA)

For NEA updates on Dengue, please refer to their website