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Fumigation Services In Singapore

You Can Hide But, We’ll Still Get You 

Pest fumigation treatment is a very powerful process of getting rid of an overwhelming infestation that is too wide spread to contain through manual methods. And it should be only carried out by a qualified NEA registered technician. It’s a process of using lethal gases to suffocate and kill the infestations in your home/workplace.

This can be a lengthy process, from preparation for fumigation to carrying out the treatment itself. And because of the dangers of fumigation, time it takes and selected pest type, a pest control fumigation service, can only limit its scope of service to:

  • mosquito fumigation
  • flea fumigation
  • cockroach fumigation
  • termite fumigation
  • bed bug fumigation
  • rodent fumigation


Consideration When Deciding On The Need To Fumigate

Fumigation is potent and the most effective method of getting rid of pest fast with a wide kill-zone coverage.

Your property will have to be sealed and you can’t enter it until the process is complete. This being said, sometimes there is no other way to eradicate an infestation except through fumigation.


Benefits of Fumigation

pest-control-guy-fumigating-the-kitchenFumigation is the most guaranteed way to completely get rid of a pest issue. Not only will it save you time in the long run (as you will only have to use one method) but this will save you money.

Pest can hide in hard to reach places in your home. They may be living in areas you would have to destroy to place traps and poison. Fumigants will reach every corner of your home/workplace, as it is a gas.

Fumigation is the last resort for an infestation. If you think your house is in need of fumigating you should contact a professional fumigation service to find out more.


Enquire about our Fumigation Services

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