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Fly Control Singapore

It’s More Than Just A Nuisance

Not many people can equate flies to the services of a pest control company, much less see the need to engage them as a fly exterminator.

Flies are after all small and people discount them as nothing more of a nuisance than anything else.

But flies are one of the five main vectors in Singapore that can transmit any one disease from  Cholera, Typhoid and Para Typhoid, Salmonellosis or even Dysentery – as listed on the National Environment Agency, Singapore (NEA) website.

These nuisance pests have the potential to harm humans with over 100 pathogens they carry. It’s the bacteria they transmit that will make people around them sick and they pick these up from decaying organic matter and animal waste. It isn’t just a nuisance pest but dangerous one too. Fly pest control should certainly be considered.


What Attracts Flies?

Fruit fly resting on a dessertFlies like the warmer climates. They also eat whatever food is left out as well as feces and rotting meat. Keeping your home clean will keep the fly population lower.

Different flies feed on different types of food: The fruit fly lives up to its name and prefers sugary substances and feeds off ripe fruit. The house fly prefers organic waste. The first line in defense to getting rid of your fly problem is identifying what sort of flies you have.


Signs of Fly Infestation

Flies are common in Singapore, but are still a pest with a host of issues. You will find them just anywhere from outdoor establishments to home environments. And if you have any dark, damp places for the fly to lay its eggs—such as waste baskets, or rotting meat, drains, gutters and rotting fruit—you could end up with an infestation. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Flies resting on walls, or edges inside of the building
  • Flies on plants and other vegetation outside of the home
  • Crawling Larvae
  • Fly Pupae
  • Swarms of flies
  • Flies landing on food and garbage cans to eat and breed


How to Get Rid of Flies

The first step to get rid of flies is to understand what flies you have. A pest control company with indepth knowledge in fly eradication will identify the type of flies and come up with an action plan to get rid of the flies.


Enquire About Our Pest Control For Flies

If you are experiencing a fly problem that is of concern or the occurrence of large number of flies swamping around is getting too frequent for comfort, don’t hesitate to give us a call before it develops even further.

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