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Flea Control Singapore

What Are Fleas

Fleas cause irritation for your pets, aggravate allergies, spread disease, and even feed on humans. They are on average 2mm tiny, a red-brown color with a hard shiny body and are often brought into your home by traveling on your pets or other mammal pests that have infested your home. These insects jump quite high leading some to believe they can fly, but fortunately this is not the case.

Fleas are a nuisance, and the human flea bites leaving small itchy, unattractive, marks all over your body.


Signs of Fleas and Flea Infestation

If you’ve seen one flea in your household, they don’t usually appear as a lone pest, there are more lurking and you can safely assume you have an infestation. But there are several things you can look out for if you suspect there are fleas in your home;

  • Your pets are scratching or loosing fur
  • You have small itchy bites
  • You have seen a flea
  • You see flea dirt (which looks much like pepper and can be found in the carpets/ground/places your pets lay)

Furthermore, you can search through your carpets/places your pets sleep and your pet’s fur, to find fleas.


Why Should You Be Worried?

Fleas carry dangerous diseases, such as the plague, murine typhus, flea tapeworm and bartonellosis. Some symptoms include, fever, vomiting, joint pain, headache and rash. It’s important to visit a health professional if you feel you have one of these diseases from your infestation.

You will need to watch your pets carefully and be sure they are treated.


Moving On, What Next?

How to get rid of flea infestation, would be the next course of remedial exercise.

However, attempting to get rid of fleas on your own won’t be easy and you’ll probably not make a good job of it either. The fleas are too small to track and too wide spread to cover by yourself. You can use over-the-counter flea control treatment but these are often ineffective. And if you disturb the habitat, they will disperse and aggravate the problem.


Engage A Pest Control Professional

Entrust the value of a pest control professional to do the job.

A professional flea pest control service will identify the type of flea you have and tailor the treatment to it. They will go further and look for other animals that may be around your home (such as rodents) and advise you to contact a vet for medication that will work for your animal. The pest control service can also use a strong vacuum to suck up the flea eggs, use sprays and growth regulators to control the fleas.