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Cockroach Control Singapore

Cockroach Facts 

Perhaps a little unknown fact to some, there are actually four types of cockroaches found in Singapore. Surprised?!

In a recent article by The Straits Times, it listed the four species. Namely: The German Cockroach; The Australian Cockroach; Panesthia Angustipennis and The Madagascar Cockroach.

The Madagascar cockroach is not really your typical cockroach-pest because there are people who may keep it as a pet instead.

However of the four species, the most common to our household as a pest-cockroach is the Australian cockroach.

And while the Australian cockroaches crawl and fly (and they have a knack of flying at you), it is not likely to bite but under certain stressful circumstances they have been known to and can transmit infection such as Cholera and Food-Borne Diseases, as mentioned by National Environment Agency, Singapore (NEA) 


What Attract Cockroaches

Cockroaches prefer warm environments where there is food and water and hide in hard to reach places. This could be in your kitchen, especially behind ovens and fridges. An infestation will develop and get out of control fast as they breed at a rapid rate.


Signs Of Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are not always easy to spot as they like dark places and you may only see them at night. But they leave some evidence.

  • Skins they have shed
  • Feces, which look like ground pepper
  • Cockroach eggs or egg shells
  • Dead cockroaches

They like warm environments with plenty of food and water, so look for evidence in these areas.


From Infestation To Colonies

Cockroaches breed very quickly, and the larger the infestation the more likely diseases will spread. They can be difficult to get rid of completely on your own; they have a tendency to outsmart humans, and create large colonies.

Using traditional, over the counter, methods only serve as short term measure. And they will come again to nest and breed. Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill. It is well known in Singapore, it’s humid climate is conducive for them to survive and multiply. And impossible to totally eradicate cockroaches. They are immune to a lot of the pesticides that would kill other bugs.

They are adaptive, avoid cockroach traps and are resistant to repellents. Killing just a few cockroaches won’t get to the source of the problem.


Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

At best, you could try imposing strict measures to control breeding and its population. But that will be time consuming for you and not productive either. Against the lack of experience and expertise on your part, it is going to be an unending losing battle against cockroach extermination.

Take the short cut. Let the professionals get the work done for you.

Engage a cockroach pest control service. It will save you time and effort and definitely cheaper in the long run.  


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