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Bees, Wasps and Hornets Control Singapore

Urbanization Contributes to Habitat Loss

With the clearing of forest areas around the island, bees, wasps and hornets lose their natural environment. They are then forced to look for alternative areas. And very often they seek refuge, closer to buildings or amongst us.

When It’s One Too Many For Comfort

The occasional lone bee that enters your home, hovering around you is probably more of an annoyance but still unwelcome. However when there are more than afew of them hovering, zooming across your face and surveying your rooms; you feel abit uncomfortable and uneasy.

It may also be an indication that you could have potential infestation forming. And with an uneasy feeling, it’s unlikely that you will be able to rest with a peace, of mind.

While it is always best to keep your distance from bees, the last thing you want to do is unintentionally provoke and bring out those stinging insects.

And you definitely don’t want to wait for the bees to start building their accommodation within your house or premise.

Do You Really Need To identify Which Bees?

Of course recognizing which type of bees, are setting shop in your home is always easier said than done. Personally, I won’t worry about trying to identify which type of bees they are.


Honey bees are recognized by their oval-shaped shaped and  with golden-yellow with and brown or blackish circular strips across their bodies.

They usually don’t pose any immediate danger as they are mainly pollen collectors.

However if they do actually sting, it’s usually because they were provoked. But in the process stinging a person, it will result in the bee losing its stinger as its barbed stinger remains embedded in the skin it stung.

And as a consequent to that, the bee dies soon after.


Wasps make their presence noticed with their bright yellow and black markings. The first thing you would want to do is leave them alone and not attract their attention towards you. Because wasps have been known to turn aggressive when people have tried to swat them or use their hands to deflect them.

And a very important advice to note, should you decide to spray an insecticide at an wasps, you better leave the area once you are done spraying because they will turn more aggressive before they die.


Similar in colours to the wasps but different in colour patterns. Hornets are slightly bigger than the wasp. The hornet has the ability to sting continuously.

Hornets sting are not fatal. But rather the it’s the reaction to the sting that could create an allergic reaction to the sting that may result in death

Do Not Attempt It By Yourself

If the bee colony is taking shape within your space, call us now and move to a safe distance or out of the house all together until we arrive.

DO NOT TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO TRY TO EXTERMINATE ANY COLONY OF BEES. It’s dangerous for the untrained to even attempt to exterminate the nest.

At Pest Control Singapore.net, we are well equipped and trained for the task. And our focus is not only to remove their nest safely and without harm to anyone, but more importantly, to ensure that the bees won’t form another colony near their last location – which means, away from you

Enquire On Our Bees Removal Service 

Not all bees are aggressive by nature. And by the same token, you wouldn’t want them to encroach into your living space. Give us a call at  (+65) 6591 8890 and enquire on our bee removal service. Or contact us at our email