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Bee Control Singapore

Bees Don’t Bite, They Sting! 

Despite the fear factor, bees are actually social creatures and not aggressive, eventhough you may not agree when you get stung by it.  

A single bee hovering around you is actually a harmless annoyance than anything else.

However, when there are afew bees flying near you, you will somewhat become uncomfortable and conscious of your movement but still manageable and not a problem yet.

But you have a large number of bees flying around you, you’ll start to feel frighten – and with reason for concern too.

And when you have a beehive to contend with, it becomes scary.

That’s normal.

Incidents of unprovoked swamp of bees actually attacking people in Singapore are rare. Bees will not attack people or animal unless they feel threaten or are provoked.

UNLESS you happen to, unknowingly disturb a bees’ nest (as reported in The Straits Times)

So very much depends on what you do next….. Be rational, take precautions and keep your distance. Call your pest control company that specialise in bee hive removal.


PLEASE NOTE : To The UNTRAINED, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE HIVE BY YOURSELFGet an NEA registered bee exterminator to remove it safely.


Preventive Measures From Being Stung By A Bee or Bees

You’ll probably may not be able to avoid a bee, hovering around you, but you can minimize the chances of  being stung by one:

  • Do not make any sudden movement. The last thing you want to do is startle the bees. Stay focus and move away from them slowly Image-of-right-hand-stung-by-bee
  • Do not make any sudden sound or noise, you might attract their attention towards you.
  • Bees can be attracted to strong fragrances. Try not to put yourself in close proximity to them.
  • Be mindful when patronizing drink or fruit stalls. The occasional bee or two may be hovering around the stall. While harmless as they can be, you might unintentionally disturb them.
  • During outdoor activities with sweet drinks and food, (if possible) make it a habit to keep all drinks and food covered, so as not to likely attract random bees.
  • When bringing children outdoor, remind them not to disturb any bees or try to trap bees with their hands.
  • If you notice one or two bees entering or exiting from a small opening within your home, don’t disturb their movements; just call us at 6591 8890



What Not To Do If You See A Hive 

beehive attached to a treeBees usually seek refuge in dry space to rebuild their hive after their natural habitat was destroyed by strong winds or by the rains. A hive houses the Queen bee with her female worker bees and male drones supporting her. Their instinct is to protect their colony and the hive at all times.

Approaching their nest to remove it will almost certainly set off an attack. It is for these reasons that one should not approach the nest or disturb it in any way without professional help. If they are provoked, they will sting without warning.


What To Do If You Find A Bees Nest 

Bees are mostly harmless and will only attack when provoked, so you may choose not to get rid of your bee problem at all. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the bee, you should eradicate the issue if you have young children or pets.

The first step to controlling a bee colony is identifying they are bees – since they are mistaken for wasps that need a different treatment to eradicate. The second step is to never approach the hive yourself. Once bees are angered they will attack you, or others around you, including neighbours. In some cases this could lead to death, it is always best to call in a professional.


How to Get Rid of Bees and Its Hive 

There is only one way to get rid of bees, and that is to remove the hive itself. This is a delicate operation which needs careful planning, with the correct tools,proper protection and structured training which all our pest control technicians go through.

PLEASE NOTE : To The UNTRAINED, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE HIVE BY YOURSELFGet an NEA registered bee exterminator to remove it safely.


Enquire On Our Bee Removal Service 

Are you seeing a beehive taking hold near your home? You don’t have to feel terrified or helpless. Give us a call at  (+65) 6591 8890 and enquire on our bee exterminationl service.