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Pests come in all forms and sizes. For some pests , we should be able to manage it on our own. But if it is more than the odd pest,

we may need a pest control company to deal with the problem. And if the problem, is a pest infestation,

you’ll need to act fast. Please give us a call now!.

Property owners need to understand the seriousness of pest infestation on their premises. If left untreated,

it will result in damage to your property and could even bring health risk

to your family. Neither of which, do we want to see happen.

Pest Control Singapore understands the severity of it and offers affordable and comprehensive solutions

in pest control services throughout Singapore.

Our Pest Control Services

Tick Control

Removing Ticks Before It Cause More Harm

Mosquito Vector Control

Bringing Mosquito Control To You Door Step

Wasp Nest Removal

We Remove The Threat Of You Being Stung

Fly Vector Control

Putting An End To Infestation And Spread Of Diseases

Ant Control

We Get Rid Of The Problem At Source Of It Fast

Bed Bugs Removal

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs and Ease Your Mind

Fumigation Services

Getting Rid Of Pest In Hard To Reach Area Safely

Bee Hive Removal

Removing Danger and Bee Hive Safely

Snake Capture & Removal

Quick Response Time In Removing The Danger Safely

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Flea Control

We Get Rid Of The Infestation Before It Spreads

Cockroach Control

Getting Rid Of The Cockroach Infestation Fast

Hornet Nest Removal

Removing A Threat Safely

Rodent Removal

Setting Rodent Control Measures To Get Rid Of The Colony

Termite Extermination

Stop Termites in Their Tracks Effectively

5 Step Integrated Pest Management


When deciding on a course of action to remove an individual pest or an infestation, much will depend on the approach required and  investigation of the problem.

For the obvious pest, that’s visible in plain sight like snakes, hives, bed bugs or fresh termite tracks implementation course of action is quite straight forward. With the required safety measures and due diligence, we will carry out our procedures safely.

Whereas others that are not obvious or difficult to assess, like rat burrows which may give hint to rat activity, will require several steps to localise the problem. Which may include, placing wire mesh traps, rat poison and sticky boards and monitor for results, if any.

At Pest Control Singapore, our licensed technicians will conduct  systematic pest control inspections and assessments to confirm (if any) and rid your premise of pest:

Inspection of Premise

A thorough inspection will include assessment of the premise to look for any visible damage and evaluate extent of the problem.

Identification of Pest

Based on the property owner’s account and signs of infestation, our technicians will be able to confirm identification of the pest

Action Plan

Moving forward, we will be able to decide an effective pest control solution on the premise

Application of Treatment

Treatment will be targeted with regular intervals to keep up the intensity of pest management regime in dosage and strength.

Post-treatment and Follow-up

Last but not least, to prevent possible reoccurrence, we can arrange for follow-up, if need be

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